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Protesters gather outside Henderson Trump rally

Posted at 4:54 PM, Oct 05, 2016

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, held a rally in Henderson Wednesday, with hundreds of supporters.  He was also greeted by protesters. 

"He's definitely not acting how a presidential candidate should handle themselves," says Maria Teresa Liebermann, the deputy director with Battle Born Progress. 

After the candidate's recent string of tweets at 3 a.m., directed mostly to a former Miss Universe, women at the protest wore crowns and sashes that read "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Flat Chested." 

"He really doesn't respect women, and that means he doesn't respect people," says Liebermann.  "He doesn't respect people he doesn't like, and that's not what a presidential candidate should be doing." 

Trump supporters seemed un-phased, taking selfies with the protesters, even dancing to their chants.  

13 Action News talked with one woman who supports Trump.  She says the comments don't bother her, adding she would rather focus on his policies and business success.

"Hillary does not pay women equal pay, Trump does," says Carol Swanson, who attended the Trump rally. "Trump has more women executives. Hillary talks a great talk, but Trump walks the walk." 

The deadline for in-person voter registration in Nevada is Oct. 8.