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Pro-Trump PAC's Spanish ads show Clinton events in Nevada

Posted at 4:20 PM, Oct 24, 2016

A super PAC supporting Donald Trump is releasing new Spanish-language TV ads featuring Hillary Clinton campaign events in Nevada.
Great America PAC said ads started running Monday on cable in Nevada and elsewhere.
One features Clinton comforting a young girl named Karla Ortiz, who told the Democratic candidate at a Las Vegas event that she feared her parents would be deported. It follows up with a 2015 clip of Clinton saying she voted as a senator to fund a barrier to prevent illegal immigration.
Another ad features video of Clinton barking like a dog at a Reno campaign stop, and pictures of her with world leaders such as impeached Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.
It suggests the Clinton Foundation was bribery and says if you want the dog, accept the fleas.