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Las Vegas gun store takes aim at Hillary Clinton with ad

Posted at 7:38 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 23:02:35-04

A controversial gun ad is making its rounds on social media while taking a stab at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The ad was posted in the sports section of Sunday's Las Vegas Review-Journal by Westside Armory, located near Warm Springs Road and Durango Drive.

The gun store is promoting an $699 AR-15 rifle for their "Pre-Hillary" sale. The ad says, "Don't wait! Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in."

"I'm voting for [Donald] Trump," said owner Cameron Hopkins. "But she'll win, absolutely."

Hopkins, a former marketing consultant, is hoping the ad will boost his sales, which have been down the last several months.

"August was the worst month of the year and September wasn't much better," Hopkins said.

Background checks for guns have fallen across the state this year, according to FBI NICS records.

Records show in February background checks were at a high with more than 14,000 right around the time President Obama was pushing for stricter gun regulation. September is now the second lowest month this year.

"I wonder if they're going to get some business off of that," said one customer.

As of Monday the store sold 3 of the advertised guns and customer counts were up for the day.

"The more anti-gun the president the better the sales are," said Hopkins.