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Reid yet to make endorsement in Democratic race

Posted at 7:43 PM, Feb 20, 2016

Sen. Harry Reid did not make an endorsement for the Democratic presidential race Saturday evening.

The Democratic senator held a press conference at the Downtown Container Park after Hillary Clinton was declared the winner in the Nevada caucus. Many were expecting an endorsement from Reid for Clinton but the senator said he's going to wait on making his choice until he gets back to Washington.

He held off on an endorsement so as not to distract from Saturday's caucus and to keep the focus on the voter turnout. Reid said he was satisfied with the turnout even though it was lower than the 2008 caucuses, which was the first year Nevada conducted them.

Reid added that the November turnout depends on who the Republicans nominate.

"Is it going to be Trump, Cruz or Rubio? That's all we need to have a high turnout," he said. "Democrats are afraid of every one of them."