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New voting results released for State of Nevada

Susie Lee still holds lead over Dan 'Big Dan' Rodimer
Posted at 10:27 AM, Nov 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 00:16:16-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The latest voting numbers have been released by State of Nevada and Clark County.

In perhaps the mostly closely watched race for a Nevada congressional seat, Susie Lee (D) is still in the lead with 48.42% of the votes in District 3. Dan “Big Dan” Rodimer (R) has 46.51% of the vote.


In other races, incumbent Mark E. Amodei (R) has 56.42% of the vote for District 2; incumbent Steven A. Horsford (D) has 49.81% of the vote; and incumbent Dina Titus (D) has 61.25% of the vote.

Incumbent Heidi S. Gansert (R) is holding the lead with 51.91% of the vote for District 15 of the State Senate and April Becker (R) has 50.30% of the vote for District 6 of the State Senate.

Incumbent Scott Hammond (R) has 56.70% of the vote in District 18 and Pete Goicoechea (R) is winning by a landslide in District 19 with 79.09% of the vote.

In the race for the Nevada’s Supreme Court Seat D, Douglas Herndon (NP) is in the lead with 46.53% of the vote and Ozzie Fumo (NP) has 35.90%.

Several races were also held for the State Board of Education and University Board of Regents.

Lois Tarkanian (NP) has received 60.37% of the vote for University Board of Regents District 2 and Rene Cantu (NP_ has received 51.03% of the vote in District 4, beating the incumbent Mark Newburn (NP) so far.

The ballot for the general election was the largest ever in Clark County and voters were able to vote for judges, school board members, Clark County commissioners, justice of the peace and more.

Most residents of Clark County were particularly interested in the races for Clark County Commission.

As of Thursday morning, Michael Naft (D) has 52.51% of the vote for District A; Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D) has 53.49% of the vote in District B; Stavros Anthony (R) has 50.65% of the vote in District C; and William McCurdy II (D) has 76.79% of the vote in District D.