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UPDATE: President Trump visits Nevada GOP Convention, discusses taxes in Las Vegas

President Trump expected in Las Vegas tomorrow
President Trump expected in Las Vegas tomorrow
Posted at 12:05 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-24 21:52:17-04


You name the topic, President Donald Trump touched on it during his trip to Las Vegas on Saturday.

After arriving in the valley, the president arrived at the Suncoast hotel-casino with a standing ovation from the Nevada GOP Convention. He talked for about 30 minutes in a campaign-style speech, with topics including crime, the economy, and the current border and immigration controversy surrounding the separation of immigrant parents and their children.

Meanwhile outside the Suncoast, the Associated Press reports that at least 300 people showed up to protest the president's arrival. They rallied against the administration's practice of separating immigrant children from their families and demanded a plan to reunite the children with their parents.

After his speech at the Suncoast, President Trump headed to the South Point hotel-casino for a roundtable discussion on taxes. About 200 people were in the audience applauding his accomplishments. 

At the roundtable, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Nevada is adding roughly 40,000 jobs per year, attributing the growth to the tax cuts and reforms passed last year.

The president wrapped up his visit to Nevada, adding he will be here several more times between now and November. Nevada is anticipated to be a key battleground state in the midterm election.


Locals can expect a bit more traffic on the roadways today. The cause of this traffic?

President Donald Trump is in Las Vegas for several events.

President Trump is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at the Nevada Republican Party 2018 Convention, then attend a fundraiser with Senator Dean Heller, and finish up with a roundtable discussion on tax reform at the South Point hotel-casino.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the Nevada Highway Patrol says Trump’s planned route through Las Vegas is expected to cause quite a bit of traffic.

“A freeway stop made by the presidential motorcade will be done with little prior notice,” said Nevada Department of Transportation spokesperson Tony Illia to the Review-Journal. “Any temporary traffic restrictions incurred will be made in real time by law enforcement escorts, including the Nevada Highway Patrol and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.”

The president is scheduled to land in Las Vegas around 10:50 a.m., so expect delays on the 215 beltway and Interstate 15 around that time.