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Clark County to provide Nevada GOP info on election process after canvass deadline

County has until Nov. 20 to comply
Posted at 6:59 PM, Nov 02, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Nevada GOP will be getting what they asked for from Clark County, but they’ll have to wait. A judge partly granting a request for information on the way the county counts its ballots.

A judge listening to Monday on arguments over information requests. The center of those requests: How the votes are counted and protecting the integrity of the election.

“We’re here today with the goal of trying to make this transparent and making sure that all the votes that need to be counted are counted. The votes that don’t need to be counted aren’t,” David Lee, attorney for the Nevada GOP and Trump campaign, said.

Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez granting the three requests from the GOP on information about the county’s planned bipartisan ballot counting board- election procedures, and a request for every Clark County voter’s signature on their returned ballot, made by October 23. However, she says it would be difficult for county registrar Joe Gloria to fulfill the requests before canvassing ballots. Gloria acknowledging some information doesn’t even exist yet. An argument made by the county counsel.


“I don’t think they’ve brought up a prevailing reason that they need these rolling records, because you can’t file and contest and you can’t file a recount after the canvass in any event,” Mary-Anne Miller, the county counsel, said.

The judge ultimately decided Gloria had until November 20 to comply with her order. She also made it clear some information like the names of workers and their work schedules would remain confidential until after the ballot canvass deadline of November 16. Gloria says there had been security concerns already relating to the transportation of ballots from polling sites.

“They got their phone out which they are not allowed to do and began to take pictures of the staff getting into the truck,” he said.

Clark County officials released a statement saying: “We are very pleased with the judge’s decision. We appreciate the judge for agreeing that we may provide most of the information after the canvass, and for stating that we do not have to compile information that is already available on our website.”