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Clark County begins recount after candidate's request

Posted at 4:29 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 00:43:11-05

Clark County has started its recount process after lesser-known presidential candidate, "Rocky" De La Fuente, made the request last week.  

"We're giving this candidate the opportunity to have us recount the votes, and assure that the end results come out the same as they did on election night," says Joe Gloria, with Clark County's Registrar of Voters. 

Four states are currently under a recount to double check the votes made for each presidential candidate. Nevada is the only state of the four where Hillary Clinton won.  

Third party candidate De La Fuente said he asked for the recount to counter-balance the other efforts across the country and to expose any issues in the system. 

Clark County officials say they have never found a discrepancy large enough to force a full recount.  

It's very likely that the results of the recount will turn out the same as election day, but De La Fuente told 13 Action News the recount in Nevada is important. 

In a statement, De La Fuente said he "has experienced election manipulation and election fraud" and wants to expose the system. He added his only interest is to assure voters that the vote they cast counts for the candidate they wanted. 

Now, anybody who voted in Clark County will have their vote double checked, just in case any error was made. 

"The only different is we're only going to tally for a certain number of precincts in one race, the presidential race," Gloria says. "We'll release the counts for Hillary Clinton and De La Fuente." 

County workers plan to wrap up the recount on Friday, and the results of the recount will be released shortly after that.