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13 Action News going all-in for your Election 2020 coverage

Posted at 7:04 AM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 12:31:59-04

13 Action News is going all out preparing for election 2020 coverage.

At both the national and local level, we're positioned to bring you the insight, resources and considerable experience you've come to expect from us on big stories like this.

KTNV.com is at the center of it all. The very latest returns and results will constantly be posted at ktnv.com/election2020.

Especially check out our blog while you're there.

Of course, we will have wall-to-wall on-air broadcast coverage beginning at 4 p.m. with ABC's national team.

We'll be breaking in as-needed with local updates on crucial Southern Nevada results.


Our streaming options are second-to-none: Roku Apple-TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android devices. All available on the KTNV streaming app.

Anchors Tricia Kean and Todd Quinones will command an army of experienced and knowledgeable reporters with updates and interviews all night from our newsroom.

Perspective and context to the story from dedicated journalists.

Our partner Scripps stations and Newsy add even more depth to our coverage throughout the big day.

More and more people on the go are using our free 13 Action News app on their smartphones to watch the live stream and read the latest stories.

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That might be your easiest solution to stay informed.

For those of you watching our traditional broadcast coverage, here's a quick guide to reading the screen:

On the top left you'll see key races, the president and four house races.

Bottom left will be the national electoral vote tally.

Also along the bottom: all other important races of interest.

All that will be visible wherever and whenever you see our streaming signal.

There's a good chance you may head to bed Tuesday night with a number of races still undecided, not the least of which is the presidential race.

For that, watch Kalyna Astrinos, Dave Courvoisier and the best morning news team in Las Vegas on Wednesday morning for closure on the unanswered questions from the night before.

Top to bottom, and start to finish, 13 Action News will leave no stone unturned to paint the election picture that will make sense whenever you need, and wherever you look.