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Early Clark County voters concerned about vote flipping

Officials argue user error
Posted at 5:12 PM, Oct 24, 2016

Clark County is coming off a record-breaking weekend, with tens of thousands hitting the polls early.  

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Now, some are worried they may have voted for the wrong candidate. 

Several people reached out to 13 Action News, concerned about what's called vote flipping.  

They tell us when they went to cast their vote for one candidate, the electronic system automatically clicked a different one.  

Election officials argue it sounds like user error. They say a voter may accidentally drag their finger across the screen or may be holding the screen with their other hand.

Officials say there are systems in place to make sure the voter is casting the exact vote they want.  

"It actually physically printed out all of your votes and you could review them on paper before officially casting it," says one voter, Eric May-Capley.  "I've heard a lot about voter fraud and electronic machines so that was a nice feature."