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Digital ads attack Democratic state senate candidates in key districts

Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 19:35:15-04

A Nevada Republican political action committee is airing several new digital ads targeting Democratic candidates in key state senate districts.

The Nevada Jobs Coalition began airing several ads mainly targeting Democratic state Sen. Joyce Woodhouse and candidate Nicole Cannizzaro on Monday, both of whom are running in competitive districts that could determine which party controls the state Senate. 

Woodhouse is being challenged by charter school principal Carrie Buck in Senate District 5, while Cannizzaro is taking on Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman in Senate District 6. Republicans currently hold an 11-10 majority in the state Senate.

The 15-second ad spots come after the group published ads accusing the candidates of opposing companies like Uber and Lyft from operating in the state. Nevada Jobs Coalition is largely funded by New Nevada PAC, which is tied to Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

One of the ads accuses Cannizzaro, a deputy district attorney with the Clark County District Attorney's office, of refusing to release her job performance reviews. Another claims that her husband, a "high-powered lobbyist," would be able to lobby her in office.

Another ad accuses Woodhouse, a retired Clark County School District teacher, of "triple-dipping" by taking a legislative salary, being paid as a CCSD consultant and holding a teacher's pension.

Buck is the subject of another ad which touts her induction into the CCSD's Excellence in Education Hall of Fame due to her accomplishments as principal of C.T. Sewell Elementary School

Democratic Senate Caucus director Peter Koltak said in a statement that the ads were "more of the same" from Republican State Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.

"We agree with Republicans like Danny Tarkanian who are disappointed that Roberson and his allies just keep getting nastier and more deceitful -- the things they say in these ads simply aren't true," he said.

Jeremy Hughes, a spokesman for the PAC, said the ads were accurate and promised more to come in the future.

"These aren't the last issues Nevada voters will hear about these two candidates and we feel confident that both Carrie Buck and Victoria Seaman will be successful come November," he said in an email.




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