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Clark County voters agree to keep fuel tax to fund roads

Posted at 4:30 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 23:27:45-05

Las Vegas-area voters have agreed to continue paying a fuel tax for local road construction, maintenance and repair.
Measure 5 on the Clark County ballot passed Tuesday.
It will extend for 10 years a fuel revenue indexing program that ties fuel taxes to the rate of inflation and funnels funds into transportation projects.

Right now, the gas tax is 62 cents per gallon. Extending the program means 2 cents more per gallon. The number is going to keep increasing until 2026, based on inflation. It cannot exceed 4 cents per year.
Proponents called the tax the most efficient way to collect money for street and freeway work.
They project that it will generate about $300 million a year and that nearly 200 projects could be built under the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

The improvements to Maryland Parkway, Stephanie Street and Flamingo Road all used funding from the program.

According to the RTC, the program also means more jobs.
The nonprofit and nonpartisan Guinn Center for Policy Priorities estimated the measure will have motorists pay an average of 24 cents a day in gasoline taxes over the decade or about $88 per year.