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Police volunteers now call to tell you case closed

Posted at 10:55 PM, Oct 25, 2016
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is making a change that could keep more of you safe but the move comes with potential controversy.
Let’s say your home is burglarized and an expensive family heirloom was stolen. So you file a police report and then what?
Many people wait and wait for an update that never comes. That results in a flood of phone calls to the police department with people asking for updates.
The hope is to change that tradition of filing a report and wondering forever about what happened to your case. As of three weeks ago, police are trying something new, for those cases they feel like they will never be able to crack.
“For crimes that we just can’t solve, we’re going to call you and say look, unless you give us more, there’s not much we can do,” said Captain Richard Fletcher.
Captain Fletcher says if they don’t have a picture of the item or a serial number, their hands are tied.
“Whether they agree or not, at least they are getting some type of closure out of it.”
Since the roll out, volunteers have called about nearly 300 victims to tell them their cases are closed.
“If you provide us with data or information, we’re going to open that case back up,” said Captain Fletcher.
Prior to these personal phone calls being made, police sent out little packets to anyone who fell victim to a crime to tell you how to proceed forward with your case. They will continue to do that on top of making these phone calls.