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Police: Two victims robbed while unloading cart

Posted at 12:37 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 03:37:42-04
Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two victims were robbed while unloading their carts at shopping centers last Wednesday, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  The robberies happened in broad daylight within one hour of each other.  
"I'm a casino worker," said Jamie Henn-Wood, "why steal from me? You're driving a lot nicer car than I am."
Wood's purse was snatched from a shopping cart in the parking lot of Home Depot on Lamb near Charleston.  
"I had my purse...where the kids sit," said Wood. 
The crook made off with her cash, social security card, and cell phone before jumping in a black 4-door vehicle. 
"The car waited at a certain spot, and the kid was just looking for somebody like me," said Wood. 
About a mile away on Bonanza and Lamb, another victim's necklace was snatched as she was unloading groceries.  
Police said two suspects took off in a car with tinted windows.
Investigators are determining whether the two incidents are related.  
There is surveillance video of the robbery at the Home Depot location, said police. 
"I'm very aware of my surroundings now and I'm going to try and do things differently," said Wood.