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Police respond to false alarm call on east side

Posted at 6:21 AM, Jan 19, 2016

Police responded to the area of Sahara Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard Tuesday morning for what turned out to be a false alarm.

Officers said people in one home and another man have a beef and have called police several times on each other. The claims are usually made up.

"This residence has been kind of a problem area for us," said Sgt. Jesse Wiggins. "All parties have been advised if citations or arrests are applicable in the future -- they'll happen."

Tuesday morning, there were reports of shots fired and someone being chased but police couldn't find any proof that something had happened.

A woman living inside the home, Contrina Chaney, admits the claims in the 911 phone calls were made up, but she says her ex-boyfriend is to blame.

"He's just out of control right now and he's just calling police trying to just start things... stir up trouble," said Chaney.

"There was a verbal argument, but there was no weapon involved at all," Wiggins said. "He basically made up the entire call.

Several neighbors have reported loud noises coming from the home at odd hours. 

"I'm scared more because when my kid is with me, you know, my priority is to take care of my kid... to protect my kid," said Jose Grijalva, the man who lives next door to the house.

At least half a dozen officers responded.


Officers have been called out several times to a home on the east side. They say the people calling aren't telling them the truth and are wasting metro's resources.

Posted by Parker Collins on Tuesday, January 19, 2016