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Las Vegas-area police officers start active shooter training company

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 22:03:39-04

Some Las Vegas-area police officers are going beyond the badge to help ordinary citizens plan for active shooter situations. 

Workplace shootings continue to make headlines. The most recent in Orlando left 5 people dead. 

A group of current and former police officers from multiple Southern Nevada agencies want to help people plan for these attacks and they're doing it on their own time. 

"Here they are wearing a badge and when they're not, they still want to go out and help," said Chris Caracci with Critical Training Solution. 

Critical Training Solution was formed by police officers who want to give ordinary citizens the tools they need to protect themselves.

The company offers training for businesses on how to respond in active shooting situations. 

"We want people to understand that in a life or death situation the ability to survive and fight back is not a hard decision," Caracci said. 

Business owners have been receptive to the idea.

Randy Do, who manages a cell phone shop near Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard, tells 13 Action News his place of employment has no plan in place for this kind of scenario. He thinks the shop could benefit from the training. 

"No matter who walks into the door, you never really know if they might rob you, or like run away with your stuff, or steal, it could be anything," Do said.