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Police now enforcing two new school zone laws

Posted at 6:00 PM, Oct 20, 2016
Starting this school year, police began enforcing two new school zone laws that went into effect last year.
One law is you’re not allowed to make U-turns in school zones. The other law is you cannot pass a driver in a school zone even if they are going well below the speed limit.
“I did not know anything about that,” said one driver who 13 Action News watched do a U-turn in a school zone. “I haven’t even heard anything about it at all.”
We pointed out a sign to the driver that said U-turns were not allowed, but the driver pointed out it was partly covered by tree branches and hard to see.
“It’s a little obscure when you’re driving,” he said.
Police have issued about a dozen citations since the new school year began in relation to the new laws. They said they haven’t issued more because people become extremely cautious when they see a cop car.
Police say speeders are still their biggest concern. They’ve issued more than 200 tickets to drivers who were speeding in school zones in the last two months.