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Kidnapping suspects took items from mom's home

Posted at 4:53 PM, May 16, 2016

The two people accused of kidnapping a North Las Vegas toddler also took items from her mother's house before fleeing Friday night.

According to the arrest report for Samantha Campbell and Dennis Gentle, the pair met 22-month-old Anastasia Barletta's mother Mistery Friday night in downtown Las Vegas, where the mom had consumed several alcohol beverages. Shortly after meeting, Campbell offered to drive Mistery home, thinking she was too intoxicated to drive. Mistery agreed and gave Campbell keys to her Honda.


En route to the residence, Campbell drove to a McDonald's drive-thru. When at the drive-thru window, Mistery gave Campbell her debit card and PIN to pay for the food, according to the arrest report. The three also stopped by a Circle K mini-mart on the way to Mistery's house.

When they arrived at Mistery's house around 11:45 p.m., she told Campbell and Gentle to wait outside in her car while she went inside. Police said Mistery's mother-in-law was babysitting Anastasia and was upset of how intoxicated Mistery was.

After her mother-in-law left, Mistery let Campbell and Dennis into her home. According to police, the pair began to steal items from the home, including an Apple iPad with charger, cosmetics, electric hair straightener, earrings, necklace, headphones and a black Jacket. Campbell also still had Mistery's debit card.

According to the arrest report, Campbell was aware that Anastasia was sleeping in the master bedroom and became concerned for the toddler's safety. She decided it would be "prudent" to remove the child from the home and then picked up Anastasia and left the house.

Mistery tried to stop Campbell but Campbell was able to fend her off. Police said Campbell and Gentle then fled the North Las Vegas home.

Around 2:40 a.m., the North Las Vegas Police Department was called to the Mistery's residence on reports that there was a woman screaming. When police arrived, they found Mistery bleeding from the mouth and intoxicated. According to police, she was asking where her daughter was.

However, police were unable to get much information from Mistery at the time since she had registered a .308 blood alcohol content level. She was rendered unconscious at the level of intoxication.

After contacting Anastasia's father, police determined Anastasia was missing along with the Mistery's vehicle. Eventually Mistery regained consciousness and told police what occurred.

The Amber Alert was issued at 10:48 a.m. Saturday. Thirty minutes later, North Las Vegas police dispatch received a 911 call from the man who had custody of Anastasia and was at the department's Northwest Area Command. He also told police Campbell and Gentle were walking toward a Walmart.

After Anastasia was recovered by police, the man who found her told police that Campbell and Dennis had arrived at his residence around 10 a.m. and told him about the kidnapping. When the Amber Alert was issued, the man told the pair they needed to notify police. Initially, police said Campbell tried to flee with Anastasia before leaving her with this man. The man was also able to stop Gentle from leaving in Mistery's Honda, according to the arrest report.

Both Campbell and Gentle were arrested at the Walmart and then booked at the Las Vegas Detention Center on first degree kidnapping and grand larceny auto charges.