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UPDATE: Police arrest 3 Henderson teens suspected of killing duck in viral video

Posted at 8:18 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 15:37:13-04

UPDATE MAY 9: Henderson Police says they've arrested three teenagers involved in the killing of a duck at Green Valley High School. The teenagers, all 16 years old, now face misdemeanor charges of removing migratory birds and animal cruelty.

The arrests come after police got wind of a video circulating on the internet showing a duckling being killed with a rock on May 3. All three have been transported to Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.

ORIGINAL STORY: Disturbing video is circulating the internet showing a few students killing a baby duck with a giant rock.

Students at Green Valley High School say the people in the video are their classmates.

"I heard about it because it was posted all over Twitter and I was like, did they actually kill a baby duck?" said Junior Bella Smith. "Because I saw everyone posting about it but then we saw the video."

Smith says one of the students brought the duck to school and people were huddled around petting it during lunch on Tuesday.

"They brought this baby duck in, and everyone was holding it," she said.

"At my lunch, my friend was like, 'Hey do you want to see a baby duck?' And I was like, 'Yeah that sounds cool,'" said Sophomore Dominick Dag.

The students say they didn't know why the duck was brought in but they could have never predicted what was going to happen next.

According to the students we spoke with, a group got together after school to kill the duck with a giant rock and recorded it with a cell phone.

"Somebody in the group chat, probably a sensible human being, thought it wasn't funny and sent the video around and it went like blown up on Twitter, and everyone in the school is talking about it... all the teachers," said Stephen Dagley.

Henderson Police say they are looking into the legitimacy of the video before they launch a formal investigation and discuss criminal charges.

CCSD Police never got back to us, but students tell 13 Action News the students involved in the act were still at school the rest of the week.