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UPDATE: Management responds after two bodies found decomposing at apartment complex

Posted at 11:53 PM, Sep 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 22:35:10-04

UPDATE SEPT. 14: Management at the Solaire Apartments, where two bodies were found severely decomposed, say they are ramping up security and safety for residents.

The changes come after residents at the complex say they are upset about the problems plaguing their homes.

Marjorie has lived at the complex for three years and says she has seen fires, stabbings and many squatters.

"I don't feel safe," Marjorie said. "After they get on the news, they will do something."

Another woman, who didn't want to be named in fear of retaliation, said she carries a knife just to walk her dogs around the complex.

"I don't feel safe. I can't walk my animal without being afraid,' she said. "I carry a knife. I shouldn't have to feel like that."

Crime Mapping statistics show there have been at least 27 crimes reported to police at the Solaire and Solaire West apartments in the past 3 months.

The complex was also plagued with 3 fires in less than a month back in March. One of the fires spread quickly and left more than a dozen people without a home.

13 Action News reached out to Westland, who owns the Solaire apartments.

In a statement, they say they are ramping up security and safety protocol as well as adding addition security gates.

Solaire Apartments takes all appropriate actions to provide a safe community and environment for each of our residents.  However, some events, such as those that occur between the co-residents of an apartment are outside of the control of even the most diligent property owners.  The unfortunate event that occurred this past Tuesday is still under investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, but regrettably appears to be an isolated, uncontrollable event, but we all await Metro’s findings.

At Solaire we have been taking preemptive actions to create a visible presence that reinforces safety at our community, such as increasing security, installing security gates and implementing security protocols.  We have acted proactively by inviting Metro and the Las Vegas Fire Department to conduct inspections and create a collaborative dialogue that can improve our tenants’ living environment; and we have implemented all of their suggestions. Such actions have been undertaken despite that great expenses may have been associated with those actions.  Still, we will continue to work directly with the local law enforcement we are doing everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of our residents.

It is our firm belief and policy that together we can elevate the standards of the Solaire community for all of our residents, and we will continue to strive to reach that goal.

UPDATE SEPT 13: Meah Jett, the woman who was living next door to the two decomposing bodies, is speaking only to 13 Action News.

She says she was suffering from the smell for several weeks, and she even found maggots in her apartment.

The bodies' discovery Tuesday traumatized her.

"I swear I haven't seen them since [the end of] June," Jett said.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Las Vegas police say two bodies found in an apartment near Karen Avenue and Maryland Parkway appear to be heavily decomposed, probably two weeks or so.

They say neighbors alerted apartment management to a foul stench coming from one of the apartments, that got worse recently.  One neighbor told 13 Action News their neighbors even had maggots coming through the walls.

That's when apartment security discovered one woman dead near the door, and another woman further inside the apartment.

The power was out to the apartment, and they say it appears they had already been decomposing.

They're still investigating how the women died. Police said it doesn't appear this was a murder-suicide.  An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.