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3rd Lee's Liquor suspect turns himself in

Posted at 6:35 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 08:51:56-04
UPDATE: Lee Murry Sykes turned himself in to Las Vegas police Wednesday evening.
The 22-year-old is now in police custody. Sykes was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on outstanding arrest warrants related to this case for multiple charges to include murder with a deadly weapon.
Matthew Christensen's brother, Reggie Christensen, says he learned Sykes was turning himself in before the suspect surrendered to police.
Reggie Christensen say he got a Facebook message from a person who knows Sykes saying he was on his way to surrender.
Now that all three suspects are in custody, the brother says he wants prosecutors to pursue the death penalty.
"If I have to be out there for a week, two weeks for the trial it doesn't (matter) to me. I want to make sure justice is done to the fullest extent. They don't deserve any leniency. Why should they get leniency?  This was a completely cowardly act and it didn't need to happen," Reggie Christensen said.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is stepping up its manhunt for 22-year-old Lee Murry Sykes.
He's one of three suspects tied to the recent murder of Matthew Christensen, an employee at a Lee's Discount Liquor Store.
During a news conference Wednesday, police reaffirmed their commitment to finding Sykes.
They also thanked the public for their help in putting the other two suspects behind bars -- 22-year-old Ray Brown and 20-year-old Lee Dominic Sykes. 
Detectives received more than 150 tips from the public. Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts is confident that those same tips have put them on track to finding Lee Murry Sykes, the final suspect.
"I want to assure you that we're hot on the trail of the third suspect and we should have him in custody within the next day hopefully if everything works well, but we still need your help in that," said Roberts.
There's a specific message that Lt. Dan McGrath wants Sykes to hear.
"I urge you to turn yourself in," McGrath declared at the press conference. "Turn yourself in as soon as possible or we will find you."
Detectives say the suspects have been charged with robbery in the past, and one of them has gang ties.
13 Action News went inside the home SWAT entered searching for Brown.
"He's my baby father so yes, I do care about him," said La'Katie Armstrong, "I don't have nothing to do with this."
La'Katie's mother said she was asleep when the family had an unexpected visitor Tuesday.
"He just pops up," said Patricia Armstrong, "... All I know is guns and lights were in my face and if I I'd made one move, they would have killed me."
Armstrong said Brown grabbed his baby when he was confronted by police.
She said she's relieved her grandchildren were not hurt and is thinking about the murdered victim.
"You took somebody's life," said Armstrong, "... He was a young man, 24 years old."