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Widow sends message to husband's killers

Posted at 10:29 AM, Feb 25, 2016


The wife of a man shot and killed during a burglary is pleading with killers to come forward. 

Maria Diaz has spent the last week living in a nightmare. 

"They ruined my life, they ruined my kids life, but they're ruining their lives all for a stupid cell phone," Diaz said. 

According to Metro, they are currently looking for a group of teenagers who may be behind the shooting. 

"He probably knew they were following him, that's why he tried to resist, so, that they could take away his watch or something," Diaz said. 

Now Diaz, only has one question for the suspects.

"I would love to see them face to face...and ask them if it was worth it?" Diaz said. 

The Diaz family will hold a car wash at the KMart on Bonanza and Nellis to help raise funds for funeral cost, tomorrow morning. 


Las Vegas police held a press conference on Thursday morning to discuss the recent murder of a man over a cell phone.

Heriberto Diaz Marcial was walking home after work when he was robbed and shot at approximately 1:15 a.m. near Marion Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard.

Police say that several other robberies happened in the area the day before. They believe that a group of kids approximately 15 or 16 years old were responsible for those robberies.

There is a chance that the same kids could have killed Diaz Marcial.

Police described the deceased as a good, family man.

They are asking for anyone in the community who may have information to step forward and help put away the person or persons who killed Diaz Marcial.

Police also talked about the need for parents and other adults to make sure that guns are secure inside of their homes. They also noted that there appears to be a growing trend among young people to be arrested for murder.