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Poker player accused of cheating in lawsuit

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Posted at 11:14 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 02:43:42-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas valley man is one of many plaintiffs accusing a poker player of cheating them out of thousands of dollars at a California casino.

“Right before I played him, all the locals told me overwhelmingly, 'Watch out for Postle, he’s the best,'” says Jeff Boski.

Michael Postle was slammed with a $10 million civil lawsuit filed in the U.S. District court on Tuesday.

A whopping 25 plaintiffs are listed, including players who went up against Postle at the Stones Gambling Hall in California, like Boski of Henderson.

“How can he keep winning like this,” says Boski. “These things are not just possible, the things he was doing.”

The lawsuit claims his winnings were “more than ninety four percent (94%) of the Stones live poker games”

The lawsuit says he used electronic devices to cheat during broadcast games, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow players.

The plaintiffs say that they brought suspicions about Postle’s possible cheating repeatedly to Stone’s management but say nothing was done.

Postle’s winnings, according to the lawsuit, were not known to have been achieved by any other poker player over a significant time period.

It describes the chances of his winnings statically “unfathomable in the world of professional poker.”

The lawsuit goes on to say Postle was able to use wire communication to defraud his opponents via one of the poker tables that was “imbedded with radio-frequency identification capabilities, procured playing cards containing RFID censors.”

That technology is able to transmit in real time the identity of each player’s card.

“He is either exponentially super human in a way that none of us will ever see again…or he is cheating,” says Maurice VerStandig, attorney.

VerStandig is heading up the lawsuit. He sat down with 13 Action News to discuss what’s on the table and how he believes Postle was able to cheat.

The lawsuit alleges that Postle used a cell phone concealed under the table, or a communications device imbedded in his baseball cap to cheat.

VerStandig says he’s not basing these allegations on a hunch, but rather the analysis of statistics and review of the manner in which he played which is seen on camera.

“There is an avalanche of evidence that shows this gentleman was cheating and we can make that case,” says Verstandig.

No word yet if Postle has any representation yet but 13 Action News has reached out to him for comment.