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Controversy brewing over Pittman Wash in Henderson

Posted at 7:13 PM, Apr 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-08 22:48:19-04

HENDERSON (KTNV) — Some residents in Henderson are getting upset over how Pittman Wash in Green Valley is being treated.

Project Green: Friends of Pittman Wash told 13 Action News it's been trying to work with the city but feels like their voices are going unheard.

Evelyn Gajowski, President of Project Green, said the wash is near and dear to many and claims it’s been looking after the wash for close to two decades and has earned a right to have a voice in the wash's future.

Many who walk the nature trail around the area expressed concern about the area's beauty being 'washed' away as the group wants to continue its efforts in making the wash a natural preserve.

Gajowski said more than 1,200 signatures have been collected for the city to understand how much the wash means to the people of Green Valley.

The city told 13 Action News it would not do anything to the trail; it just wants to clear the brush from the center because it's a fire hazard.

Last Wednesday, the city met with those passionate about the project and informed them no cement would be added to the wash, but one neighbor who lives near the wash says it's already happening.

"A lot of the wash has been cemented over, and I understand it's a practicality factor for the city, but you know if we can maintain it. One of the main reason we moved here is because of the beauty of the trail," a resident in Henderson said.

Project Green says the biggest concern is that any changes to the wash could affect the wildlife and the plants.

Gajowski said many volunteers had devoted their time to maintain the area and said it's invested grant money received by the state to take care of the popular site.

The City of Henderson denies the grant exists.