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Pigeons swarm Las Vegas neighborhood, nesting at church causing problems for parishoners

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 11:35:11-04

A pigeon problem is taking over a neighborhood near Torrey Pines Drive and Tropicana Avenue and it's causing some people to worry for their health. 

Dozens of pigeons can be seen flying in the area on any given day. The birds have even built nests in the roof of Christ the King Catholic Church. 

Parishioners of that church are concerned about the pigeon's droppings which have built up near the parish office. 

"It's tough to clean that," one parishioner said. 

Kevin Rast of JS Pest Control Services said pigeon-related calls top the company's list of frequent problems in Las Vegas. 

They're not just unsightly; their poop can make you sick. 

"Histoplasmosis is the major cause for pigeon waste. It's a lung disease that once you get it it really never goes away," Rast said. 

Rast said the key to getting rid of pigeons is to block off access to popular nesting spots, like underneath solar panels.

The Southern Nevada Health District also has a list of guidelines for dealing with pigeons and pigeon waste.