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Pig farm in North Las Vegas to be auctioned

Posted at 10:18 AM, Mar 07, 2016

A North Las Vegas pig farm famous for recycling leftover casino buffet food is soon going up for auction.

City officials held a news conference Monday to announce the development, which is expected to boost property values in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. R.C. Farms predates many of the homes nearby but spurs frequent complaints for its foul odors.

As recently as December, area residents were concerned about the smell and pigeons that were attracted to the pig farm.

"That farm has been an institution here," said John Lee, the North Las Vegas mayor. "We've worked with it, we've enjoyed it, it's been a part of our culture but now we're moving on."
"We are going to be the bread basket of the valley," Lee said. "We have this real estate and we're putting it to use right now for not only our benefit but for the whole region."
"Crazy enough, we prayed that our value of our home would increase and look, God is just blessing us all over," said Starla Salyers, a nearby neighbor.

The development comes as the city builds a bridge and expands roads in the area of the farm. North 5th Street goes through the middle of the 153 acre site and is one of North Las Vegas' primary transit corridors. It will connect the city's downtown to the planned $3.3 billion residential development, the Villages at Tule Springs.

R.C. Farms owner Robert Combs plans to move the operation to a quieter area north of the current location and closer to a landfill.
City officials say the starting bid for the 153-acre farm will be about $31 million. The auction is set for June, although the move and site cleanup are expected to take three years.