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Pictures of people wearing 'hazmat suits' shed light on growing concerns at Grant Sawyer building

Posted at 5:50 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 22:17:05-04

13 Action News obtained new photos of what looks like two people wearing hazmat suits as they walked into the Grant Sawyer building.

These photos come at a time when the state is undergoing criticism over the depleted conditions of the building, including mold, pigeon poop, and no a/c.

The Nevada Department of Administration did not know who the people in the photo were, but did assure 13 Action News they were not apart of a hired repair crew. Repairs have steadily been made at the building since the beginning of the year following employee complaints.

Richard McCann represents several employees who work at the Grant Sawyer building through the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers.

He gave us the photos and claimed the people wearing the suits are employees trying to protect themselves from the repairs which they worry are making things worse.

"They are tearing up the roof, they're tearing up ceilings, and all this crap is coming onto people working," McCann said. "Fix it, repair it, but do you have to make it worse?"

Recently, the Secretary of State's office has made the decision to move out of the Grant Sawyer building.

The state says their request was made because of "ongoing maintenance and resulting health concerns with the building that have negatively affected the SOS employees."

The state claims to be fixing larger projects at night, while only performing small repairs during office hours.

They also are fighting back against the claims of sickening mold telling 13 Action News they had hired a doctor to test the air in the building and found "very low total mold concentrations" and blamed the settled dust as "reflective of the outdoor Las Vegas environment".

The state says they will begin deep cleaning the building starting June 1, which will include a thorough wet-cloth cleaning throughout the entire building of walls, floorboards, and flat surfaces, and a deep cleaning of the carpets using hot water extraction.