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Pet pig recovering after dog attack

Posted at 9:43 PM, Mar 24, 2016
She is a pot-bellied pig with three names, and lots of questions surrounding her injuries and lack of treatment.
Her rescuers call her Penelope.
They are taking care of her at a Las Vegas area ranch, providing her with plenty of food and medicine after she received dozen of stitches.
"What we could see was bad enough, but when the vet actually did the surgery the next day, it was even more extensive," Rachel Levi said.
Those doctors dubbed Penelope “Frankenpig” after removing dead skin and stitching up several wounds on the pig's head following a dog attack.
Penelope was brought in by animal control over the weekend and listed as a stray.
Levi says she found the pig on the animal shelter’s rescue list, and immediately let them know she wanted to rescue her.
"She was supposed to be on a hold until March 22, but they contacted us later that afternoon and said because of her declining health, you can pick her up immediately," Levi said.
$700 later, Penelope was back at the ranch. But, Levi is still wondering about the circumstances surrounding her injuries and lack of care.
Las Vegas animal control officers picked her up near Vegas Drive and Decatur Boulevard.
13 Action News went back to the area.
That’s where we found Jennifer Hank.
She admitted her dogs attacked the pig she called Precious.
Hank said the attack happened the first night she had the pig in her backyard after taking it from a friend who was moving.
"That was not my pet. That was not something I wanted," Hank said.
She said the pig was in a makeshift pen separated from her dogs. However, the dogs were still able to get to the pig.
"My kids and I all ran outside to get it," Hank said. “We had a blanket out here and some water and some food, and the next day animal control came and got the pig."
Hank said she has no idea how officers found the pig, but says she never left the front yard after the attack.
"It wasn't like when the pig got attacked we just left it out here to die," Hank said.  "We checked on it all night long."
The rescue group did raise concern about a Facebook post in a group that was asking for $300 for the pig despite the attack.
Hank said she was not involved in that and immediately let animal control take Precious/Penelope when she heard they wanted to remove her from the home.
“It could have been my son. I don't know. I didn't have any part of wanting Craigslist," Hank said.
Levi is working to provide a safe home for Penelope as she continues her recovery that may involve a second surgery.
"We are doing everything in our power to make sure that doesn't happen, but it is still a possibility," Levi said.
Hank said she hopes the pig finds a good home.
In the meantime, she is still working with animal control. She says she learned through the process that she is over the city’s three dog limit.
She says she is now working to get a breeder’s license so she can keep her four dogs and avoid spaying or neutering them.
Animal control says the investigation into the pig situation remains open.