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Personal safety while avoiding the heat

Posted at 12:09 AM, Jul 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-01 03:09:49-04

Temperatures are hitting and surpassing the triple digits, and that has more people working out early in the morning, or late at night. While it might be cooler, the dark does come with some safety concerns. 

We found a lot of new  apps that turn your phone into a personal safety device. One of the more encompassing ones is iWitness. If  you feel uncomfortable, you can open the app. Then, all of your information, video, audio, and your location get recorded. If something does happen - one button will call 911, sound an alarm, and send your GPS and video link to an emergency contact. Hopefully you would never need to use that feature, but you never know.

"Nobody ever believes they're going to be a victim," martial arts instructor, Richard Lamoureaux told us. 

That being said, the women we talked to say it's still in the back their minds. One woman told us she "might go with a friend and go work out together". Another woman said she will "carry  a backpack instead of a purse hanging low or you can keep things on you because we do have sportswear that has hidden pockets".

If you are approached by someone, trust your instincts. Sometimes people, especially women, worry about being rude, so they might second guess themselves. Self-defense coaches say, you can always apologize later if it is a misunderstanding. Don't hesitate, and aim right for the center line.

"The eyes, the throat, the groan, and the solar plexus are your four major attack areas," Lamoureaux said. 

The iWitness app does require a $2.99 membership fee. We did find some comparable apps like, bSafe, ScareHimAway, and Companion, that are free.