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UPDATE: Mug shots released of man, woman involved in clown mask robbery

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 19:37:05-04

UPDATE JUNE 21: Mug shots were released of Brandon Davis, 26, and Aleta Cueva, 28, on Thursday.

ORIGINAL STORY: Las Vegas police say a "perfect bite mark" helped them identify a clown mask-wearing robbery suspect who worked with his girlfriend to steal hundreds of dollars from their victim.

Brandon Davis, 26, and Aleta Cueva, 28, are both charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with the May 30 crime.

The victim told police he met Cueva, who introduced herself as "Ally," at a gas station near Las Vegas Boulevard and Pebble Road when he helped her with car trouble.

After going to a nearby bar, the victim said Cueva drove him to the Silverton Casino where he gave her $100 to gamble.

When they left, the man told police Cueva asked if they could pick up her friend.

When they stopped at the apartment near Las Vegas Boulevard and Serene Avenue, a dreadlocked man in a clown mask reportedly shoved a gun in the man's face.

The victim claimed he fought back and a single shot was fired. During the struggle, he also managed to bite the suspect in the ankle. The victim said he was eventually hit in the back of the head and believed it was Cueva who hit him.

A witness also told police they saw a woman holding the victim in a headlock while the male suspect beat him.

The victim was robbed of $800.

Detectives say they used surveillance from the Silverton to identify Cueva's car.

A plainclothes officer posing as an Uber delivery driver got Cueva and Davis to leave their apartment.

In an interview, police say Cueva initially denied involvement. When asked if Davis, who Cueva said was her boyfriend, was the gunman she told police she couldn't answer the question, but would then somewhat insinuate that I was right by saying "maybe the guy with the gun will admit it" while eyeing her boyfriend sitting outside the car.

Detectives said Davis declined an interview, but the detective noticed a "perfect bite mark" in the same area the victim described biting the gunman.

When searching the apartment police said they found a clown mask in the laundry room and a .40 caliber handgun in a closet with dried blood on the gun where police said the victim was pistol whipped.

In addition to the robbery charges, Davis was also booked on suspicion of attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon.