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Resident say drones are flying too close to homes in Southern Highland neighborhoods

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 16:11:02-04

People living around Southern Highlands say they are creeped out after finding drones flying too close to their homes. 

January Grossi said her husband occasionally flies drones, but wasn't flying the day her neighbor called to tell her a drone was in her backyard. 

"My friend called and she's like 'are Joe and Pat having fun with the drones? Because there's one in my backyard and I can reach out and touch it," Grossi said. 

Grossi said her husband didn't have a drone at their home at the time. 

"She's like oh that's, that's not good," Grossi said. 

Another woman posted on the Nextdoor app after catching a drone hovering near her window at night. 

William O'Donell who works at Avisight Drone Academy said drones should never fly that close to any home. 

"If you do not have their permission you have to be 250 feet or above," O'Donell said. 

He also said homeowners could press trespassing charges against a drone user if it is found flying too close for comfort. 

One thing O'Donell does warn against is touching a drone or harming it in anyway. 

"Firing at a drone with any type of weapon is the equivalent as firing at an type of aircraft.," O'Donell said. 

The FAA does consider registered drones to be an aircraft. 

O'Donell said non-drone users need to do their research on regulations before calling police, unless you do feel like your safety is being compromised.