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People living downtown fed up with Life is Beautiful road closures

Posted at 11:37 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 02:37:31-04
Thousands of fans are getting excited about this weekend's Life is Beautiful music festival, but a lot of people are dreading it too. Many people living near the venue in downtown Las Vegas say their lives are being disrupted and they can't even get to a nearby grocery store.
"This is a residential area," said one man affected. "I don't know why they're having it here!"
A group of men with disabilities living in a complex near 8th Street and Stewart Avenue say it takes them three times as long just to get anywhere.
"I gotta go two blocks out of my way one way and two blocks back!"
One of them is in a motorized wheelchair and he says he cannot take the extra long route outside the road closures because his wheelchair will not make it.
"About three times as hard," he said. "I cannot do it."
Another man named Dudley takes care of the elderly. He says he isn't able to do his job because of the setup of Life is Beautiful.
"I'm upset because I'm a caregiver and I take care of these people and I can't do anything," he said.
He says he waited for a shuttle bus for more than an hour so he could get to a market but it never came.
"I'm stuck right here on this corner and I can't do anything unless I want to walk two miles," Dudley said.
Dudley has a suggestion for festival organizers.
"If they would just let us have a beeline straight through, some kind of a special walkway or something that the residents can get to the markets and get what we need."
Life is Beautiful organizers say they sent a letter to everyone living in downtown Las Vegas to explain bus routes, road closures and shuttle pick up times. There is also a community hotline number for anyone who has additional questions. The number is 775-419-7319.