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People in three Las Vegas neighborhoods say crime has gotten worse

Posted at 6:31 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 23:42:32-05
People living in three valley neighborhoods all on west side of Las Vegas say the crime is getting worse, specifically car break-ins. We learned the thieves are generally after petty things like loose change.
Piper Forgione lives near Village Green Park. She says she and her husband both fell victim to thieves last week.
"They took everything out of the glove compartments," said Forgione. "They rifled through everything, threw it all over the seats."
Forgione lives in one of the three neighborhoods where we're told the concern is the highest. We looked at Peccole Ranch, the area around Village Green Park and The Willows.
In a month-to-month comparison, Peccole Ranch saw a 71 percent increase in property crime with 24 crimes reported this past month and 14 the month before.
Using the same time frame, the area surrounding Village Green Park saw a 75 percent increase while The Willows saw a 100 percent decrease according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's statistics.
It's important to note not everyone reports these types of petty thefts so the numbers could be higher.
Police say nearly every car that's broken into is unlocked.