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Peccole Ranch residents annoyed by mosquitoes

Posted at 11:36 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 02:54:44-04

People living in and around Peccole Ranch are trying to figure out what's biting them. Dozens have taken to social media to try and figure it out.

Carita and Tom McCormick are two of those curious people. They've sat outside on their back patio almost every night from March to November for the past 27 years. It wasn't until last summer they noticed they were getting eaten alive, mostly on their legs.

"They bite and they itch," said McCormick. "They're just little tiny annoying bugs."

Originally from the east coast, the McCormicks are very familiar with traditional mosquitoes. Carita McCormick says these are different.

"They are not flying around your head," she said. "They are not loud. They are little bugs and they bite and they itch terribly."

According to Red Rock Pest Control and other pest control experts in the valley, these tiny bugs are a type of a mosquito called Aedes mosquitoes. They're known to be tiny, with no buzz, no sting, they bite below the knee, and they live under decks and patio furniture. They also prefer biting humans instead of animals.

"They don't need a large still body of water like most mosquitoes," said John Zuasola with Red Rock Pest Control. "All they need really is just less than a cap full of water."

Some experts say Aedes mosquitoes are more dangerous than the bigger mosquitoes due to the diseases they carry. Sometimes they are reffered to as yellow fever mosquitoes.

Carita is happy to have some answers so she can start fighting off the annoying pests.

"What I'm gonna try is the citronella plant that one of the ladies posted on Nextdoor," said McCormick.