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Pearl Harbor survivor shares memories, lessons

Posted at 5:20 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 21:24:07-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Monday marked 79 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor marking America’s entrance into World War II. It’s a day this country will never forget.

“I see this plane coming across the wrong way and I see asphalt kicking up on the ramp. What the heck is going on here.”

The memories remain vivid for 97-year-old Edward Hall describing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was 18 and working in the kitchens at Hickam Air Base for the Army Air Corp when the attack started. Hall says the Japanese planes were strafing so low, he could see the pilot.

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“This guy is looking down at me. Japanese pilot and had a big smile on his face. Now that’s how low he was,” Hall said.

After his brush with death, he then began tending to the wounded men, while his fellow airmen began battling back.

“We did what had to be done, and whatever we could do to help one another and the whole situation, but it was a bad day,” he said.

The shock of the day led to President Roosevelt making his Pearl Harbor speech to the nation, leading America into World War II.

“You see what happened after that. The country working together and got the job done. Why can’t they do that in peacetime?” Hall said.

79 years later, in the midst of a pandemic, Hall says there’s a lot of division in the country and believes there should be a more united effort at solving problems, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans.

“They were talking about working together to get this pandemic thing solved, and I think that’s a good start. If they can work together on that, why can’t they work together on everything,” he said.

He ultimately hopes, the lessons learned after pearl harbor will be on the minds of future generations.

“Inform the people of what’s going on and what has happened, and hopefully the powers that be will realize and will learn from experience,” Hall said.

Hall hopes to return to Pearl Harbor in person when he turns 100 years old.