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Peace walk held after triple homicide

Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 12, 2015

A local pastor is hoping a peace walk Friday evening will send a message of nonviolence.

The walk and prayer was organized by Pastor Troy Martinez in response to the shooting deaths of two men and a woman on Monday evening. The event started at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church near Lake Mead and Martin Luther King boulevards. Participants walked around the neighborhood handing out fliers to promote peace.

The church's pastor said the message is if you see something, say something because police cannot be everywhere.

"We need to get those undesirable off our streets, that's the bottom line, and so that the drugs and the drug houses and stuff before you ever have those you have violence, so we need to get those out of our community," said Pastor Willie Cherry of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Cherry added that the triple homicide this week was a setback to the community. Investigators believe the murders were drug-related.

No arrests have been made.