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Part of ceiling nearly falls on 10-year-old boy

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 11:05:39-05
The recent rain we've had across the valley has caused a lot of problems for locals, including a woman who says the ceiling of her apartment nearly fell on top of her son.
Quanesia Vazquez lives in an apartment complex near H Street and Owens Avenue. 
She heard the sound of rushing water late Sunday night prompting her to run into her 10-year-old son's bedroom.
She saw the ceiling above her son's bed was broke open leaving pieces just inches from his face.
"Right on his head," said Vazquez. "I literally lost my mind when I saw my son and he was asleep. I literally lost my mind. I was mad."
She woke her son up. Cordaye Everett looked up and saw what was directly above him. It scared him to death and he ran into his sister's room.
"I was feeling scared," said the boy.
Vazquez has been calling her landlord for help but says she's not getting very far. She says she was told it could be a couple of weeks before the management is able to move her to a new place.
Vazquez doesn't want to wait that long.
"I pay my rent every month and y'all are gonna tell me to wait a week or two to get transferred, maybe a month, are you serious?" she asked.
13 Action News reached out to the landlord to ask about the plans to fix the ceiling or to move the family to a new unit. He never returned our call.