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Parents worry dangerous stretch of road could put kids' lives at risk

Posted at 11:17 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 02:17:14-05

Jorge Vega Cordero gets nervous when he crosses Revere Street at Craig Creek Ave. with his little granddaughter Karina. “These drivers around here, they don’t care,” he said.

The posted speed limit is 35-miles-an-hour. Cordero said, sometimes, cars zip through here doing 70. “This is a race track sometimes,” Cordero said. “Very dangerous, very dangerous.”

A number of parents in this North Las Vegas neighborhood worry when their kids cross Revere to play at Gold Crest Park. “Very scary,” said Greta Buckley, a North Las Vegas resident. You just don’t want to leave your children alone onto streets.”

There are no stop lights for nearly a mile between Craig and Gowan Roads.
Buckley complains drivers routinely disregard crosswalks, faded traffic signs and the speed limit “the people ignore it,” Buckley said.

A spokesperson for North Las Vegas said there have been two reported crashes in front of gold crest park since 2014. UNLV’s Transportation Research Center said, however, there’ve been two wrecks there just since last august, one of them, earlier this month. 

Buckley showed 13 Action News the aftermath of a recent crash at the park. A vehicle plowed through a heavy sign, smashing concrete and metal, uprooting a cement post, leaving tread marks about 20 yards into the park, right next to the memorial for child who died in another crash years earlier, hoping speeders won’t take another life. “It’s kind of scary when you think there may have been pedestrians out here,” Buckley said.

A spokesperson for North Las Vegas said the city is aware of the faded traffic signs. The spokesperson said the city has put in a work order to fix it.