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Parents outraged over attempted kidnapping

Posted at 5:42 AM, Mar 03, 2016

UPDATE: "I would've come unglued," said Mark Crowder, a parent of a Tarkanian Middle School student. "That's just how I am. I'm very protective of my children."

Since the school letter went home, parents have been more careful.
"Everybody was hanging out [Thursday morning], making sure their kid was getting inside the school and I did the same thing," said Vicki Russell, another parent.
Crowder said the school security guard needs to have more of a presence.
Russell agreed.
"They weren't out here this morning, they're not out here this afternoon and if a child was almost taken, I don't understand why they couldn't have beefed up patrol for a couple days," she said.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the filed report came in as unlawful conduct with a minor.
There was no reported physical contact between the man and student.
The investigation is open and detectives are following up on the incident.


According to a letter sent home to the parents of students at Tarkanian Middle School, there was an attempted kidnapping on Tuesday.

The letter says that a student got off a bus on March 1 and was walking home when the man began chasing the student.

The student was able to get away and arrived home safely.

Parents called the police and the school sent out a letter with safety tips for students.

The incident is currently under investigation.

Tarkanian Middle School is located near South Jones Boulevard and West Silverado Ranch Boulevard in the Southern Highlands area.