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Parents want more information, students want fewer officers on campus after fights

Posted at 5:58 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 23:50:51-04

More officers were on the Western High School campus Friday, a  day after 4 students were arrested and dozens of others were impacted by pepper spray during fights.

"It is a normal thing," Rachel Meyer said of fights at Western High School.

Meyer says she has never worried about the daily fights at Western High School but had to get away Thursday. As she saw officers racing toward the cafeteria into a crowd of students trying to get away from pepper spray, used to break up a fight and another fight starting in the quad.

"I knew having all these armed officers was not a safe situation," Meyer said.

She got off campus before the pepper spray was used in the quad, but says the fights weren't the reason she left.

"The only reason I felt unsafe yesterday was because of all the armed police around.  That is what escalated the situation," Meyer said.

School police say they prefer to have fewer officers on campus but with the continued problems on campus they have to look out for everyone.

Officers saying if parents or students know of a way to stop the daily fights without an increased presence they welcome the suggestion.

As for Meyer's parents, they say there biggest concern is the differing stories from the school and students.

"Our biggest concern is the lack of information we have been given," Benjamin Meyer said.  "[We want to] be able to speak with everyone involved.  Speak with the officers, the district and the school. Find out what actually happened and how we can prevent this from happening."

School police said they would welcome that type of meeting, but say it has to be set up through Western High School staff.

In the meantime, the Meyer family has set up aFacebook group to discuss the incident with other Western High School families.