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Las Vegas valley parents scrambling to find child care after daycare at MGM cuts 24-hour service

Posted at 11:33 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 02:33:33-05

A number of Las Vegas valley parents are scrambling to find child care after their daycare at the MGM cut back its 24-hour service. 

Bright Horizons Child Care Center is the Las Vegas Strip's only 24-hour child care provider and mothers like Marcella Mellette rely on their service. 

"Almost every night," Mellette said. "I pick the kids up around 2 a.m. because my job doesn't normally end until 2 a.m." 

Last Thursday, Bright Horizons sent home a letter with parents saying they would be closing at 12:30 a.m. -- essentially cutting overnight child care. 

"I left the daycare crying because I don't have the options I don't have the help and my kids are my number one," Mellette said. 

A representative with Bright Horizons told 13 Action News there isn't a demand for overnight care and only an average of 10 kids use the service a night. 

The daycare is also requesting parents give staff a four-hour notice before needing additional service along with paying an additional $25 fee. 

"I'm going to get hit with so many fees at daycare that it won't be feasible for me to stay and work overtime," Mellette said. 

Mellette, who is a bartender inside Treasure Island hotel-casino, will now have three weeks to find someone to watch her children -- a difficult task for a single mother with two children and no family in Las Vegas. 

"This is the industry we picked but this is supposed to be a daycare for this industry," Mellette said.