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Parents protest outside Walter Bracken Academy

Parents are upset with the direction the school is going
Posted at 7:47 AM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 10:55:38-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Parents are protesting outside at Walter Bracken STEAM Academy Friday looking for a change.

The magnet school's new principal has been the target of complaints since taking over this school year.

Shelly Chiazzese has two kids studying in the school. "It was so welcoming and I loved that about the school."

That;s just one of the many reasons why she says she chose Walter Bracken.

But Friday, Shelly along with dozens of other parents are rallying in front of the school because of recent changes there.

They say after Principal Stanica Sretenovic took over this school year too many programs are being cut.

Sarah Comro's kids also go to Walter Bracken. They benefit from some of the programs removed. "... like big brothers big sisters, play works on the playground, up, all sorts of different community partnerships that she has dissolved to practically nothing. Our school is in a very underserved neighborhood and it is like a beacon of light for CCSD."

But their biggest issue is what parents are calling a "change in morale on campus".

Serious allegations first came to light in December's school board meeting. A Walter Bracken parent spoke up and told the school board: "More importantly, however the new principal has fostered a hostile work environment where individual teachers are singled out for harassment and abuse by the principal."

Parents claim they've been speaking with teachers and staff and there's fear of retaliation among them.

They say some have left the school, while others plan on leaving the school.

Parents are concerned on how this would impact the students in the long run. "(It's) now putting the students of this school in jeopardy of long term substitutes of long tem replacements to get the right teachers into these positions next year. As a parent it's quite concerning."

The Clark County School District responded to 13 Action News' request for a comment regarding the parents' concerns and allegations against Principal Sretenovic saying:

CCSD administration is aware of the concerns of parents and staff at Bracken Elementary School. A task force, comprised of parent, staff, community members and school administration, has been convened to address the concerns and find solutions.

We appreciate the support of the Clark County Education Association and the Bracken Elementary School SOT in working on collaborative steps forward.

Ensuring that our students receive the best education possible will take the entire community working together.
CCSD Spokesperson

13 Action News also reached out to Principal Sretenovic but our request for comment was not returned.

Mother of two Walter Bracken students, Shuuanndy Alvarez, says, ":We definitely need to stand strong as parents and stand together if this is happening. It's affecting our children. And it's not okay."

The protest Friday starts at 8:20 am and another at 3pm.