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Parents honor daughter killed in Las Vegas shooting through scholarship for other victim's children

"The Children of the 58" scholarship
Posted at 7:05 AM, Sep 28, 2018

The parents of one of the victims in the Las Vegas shooting are choosing to honor their daughter through a scholarship for children of the other victims.

Neysa Davis-Tonks was a mentor and single mom who left behind 3 boys when she passed in the shooting.

"I didn't want to breath it was just easier to think of stopping," said Debbie Davis, Neysa's mother.

But quitting wasn't an option for Debbie and her husband Chris. They knew they had to do something to honor their daughter's legacy.

"Her legacy can't just fall away and we all just drift into darkness, so we just made a decision light and love is where we go," Debbie said.

In their quest for light and love, the couple has started a scholarship foundation in Neysa's name known as "The Children of the 58: Loved and Never Forgotten Fund".

"It has helped us find a little light in that darkness," said Chris, Neysa's father

The idea to start the scholarship came from Neysa's work as a mentor for youth and the future of her three sons. 

Chris and Debbie now co-parent with the boy's father and one of their biggest challenges were trying to figure out how they would pay for the kids to go to college.

"As we were getting Braxton into college it occurred to us what are the other 57 families doing," Chris said.

The scholarship fund will help the 55 children left without a parent because of the tragic shooting.

The Davis' are working with the Nevada Community Foundation and raising money on GoFundMe. To donate visit "The Children of the 58".