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Parents should know about social apps

Posted at 1:24 PM, Feb 05, 2016
More and more apps are being developed every day and it's hard for parents to keep up.
Valley parents can't forget the story: A child taken and raped in a North Las Vegas home for a month. The FBI says Jimmy Carter Kim used Facebook and Instagram to find victims. He also had accounts on Kik and MeetMe.
The lives of the victims are turned upside down by something many their parents didn't know much about. Some parents choose not to give certain technologies to their kids.
"He wants a cell phone, but I've told him until he can pay for it, he's not getting one," said Jodie Worrell, a parent.
That's one way. Apps like Kik and MeetMe are a lot like texting, except you need a password to see the messages, and there aren't a lot of options for parental controls. You can also talk to people you don't know, but who happen to be near you. 
All the new apps create entirely new ways for kids to be in harm's way.
Even though some of the apps can be risky, there are ways of limiting which apps your kid can even put on their phone or tablet. 
Las Vegas police officers say the very best thing a parent can do is be aware of what their child is doing online. Officers say parents shouldn't be afraid to check their child's devices from time to time, and ask about any apps that seem unfamiliar.