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Local parents concerned about nasty stomach bug

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 14, 2018

Some parents say their kids have been getting sick thanks to a nasty stomach bug making its way around Henderson. 

A concerned parent reached out to 13 Action News after her child got sick at school. '

We reached out to a local doctor from Now Urgent Care in Henderson, who say he has seen an uptick in recent stomach bug cases in the area.

Doctor Collin Johnston says kids are likely to pick up a stomach bug at school and is advising parents to get their child help right away at any first signs of sickness. 

“If one child has the condition avoiding too close proximity to that child is the best way to help," says Dr. Collin Johnston. "But nothing can replace hand hygiene and just being cautious.”

Doctor Johnston also says it is especially important to make sure your child is hydrated not just because of the rising heat but to combat sickness in general.