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Parent group furious after graphic novel included in CCSD reading list

Posted at 7:09 AM, Sep 10, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Parents of Clark County School District students in an uproar over what they call an inappropriate graphic novel.

The advocacy group Power2Parent is furious. They say Clark County School District parents reached out after a 10th grade honors English class at Palo Verde High School was given a reading list including a novel called "Fun Home".

"Fun Home" is a coming of age memoir by author Alison Bechdel. The story focuses on the author as she comes to terms with her own sexual identity and her relationship with her gay father.

Power2Parent claims the novel shows a number of obscenities including depictions of sexual acts and drug use, along with offensive anti-religious sentiments that are not appropriate for minors. A website published by the group shows images from the book.

Power2Parent says the novel was on the reading list that was given to students as young as 15. However, they say after being notified, the principal for Palo Verde High School immediately pulled the book from the list.

Parents are still worried the book could get into the hands of students if teachers disregard the state's law regarding distributing obscene materials to minors. They also want to know why they were not notified beforehand about the novel since CCSD has an opt-in policy requiring parents' consent for sexual materials.

In previous years, some parents and a student in other states have asked the book to be removed from the local public library and protested against the use of the book in an English class.

Power2Parent held a joint press conference at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Palo Verde HS along with elected leaders to urge families to be vigilant.


Clark County School District sent out a statement about the book after the press conference:

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is aware of the reading list that included inappropriate content.

As soon as the school administration received information about the inappropriate material being included in a reading list of one of CCSD’s high schools, the school immediately removed the inappropriate content from the reading list, addressed the concerns with parents and staff, and is investigating the matter at the school level.

CCSD values the trust families place in every member of the team as their children attend school.

Chris Davin, the president of Equality Nevada disagrees with CCSD’s decision and says it’s a form of censorship.

“The book is about inclusion. Libraries need to be more inclusive to include content that includes homosexuality, both gay and lesbian,” he said.

Davin believes this simply keeps kids, especially teenagers from understanding their world.

“The book does warn it has some pornographic content within the book, but we can’t shelter our kids from the reality of life,” he said.