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Ongoing lighting problems at condo complex frustrate neighbors

Residents concerned for safety
Posted at 11:19 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 10:11:22-04

Neighbors in a condominium complex near Rainbow Boulevard and U.S. 95 say their homeowners' association isn't addressing continued problems with exterior lights.

Lynda McKnight says the lighting in her complex has been a nuisance for months.

"I have been on the management's case now for 8 or 9 months asking what is wrong with our light problem," McKnight said.

While part of the complex has working lights in the common areas, McKnight points to several areas where the lights have been out.

It easy to see the difference between the buildings with working lights and those without them once the sun sets..

"When you come home late at night, sometimes it is pitch black," Thomas Penton said.

Penton says he has also been reaching out to the HOA with no success.

"Its just ridiculous," Penton said.

A representative for the HOA confirmed the lights have been out for months telling 13 Action News they did extensive troubleshooting.

The HOA representative said work began this week on repairs, but didn't know the cause of the problem or when the work would be complete.

McKnight and Penton are just waiting for the day they can get out of their cars and walk to their homes without fear.


In the meantime, McKnight has purchased a solar light for the outside of her unit to try and make herself feel a little safer until the permanent repairs are completed.