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Coroner identifies man stabbed on Dec. 16

Posted at 1:49 PM, Dec 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-18 16:49:29-05
UPDATE: The Clark County coroner has identified the deceased as 28-year-old Kyth Anthony Johnson. His city of residence is unknown. Cause of death was stab wounds to the torso and his death was ruled a homicide. 
A man was stabbed to death in an east valley apartment complex located in the 5500 block of East Harmon Avenue around 12 p.m. on Wednesday.
The incident started off as a five to six person fight in the apartment courtyard. Police say it escalated and moved upstairs to a second story apartment. That's where a guy in his 30's was stabbed to death.
Two persons of interest are currently being sought. One is a white female in her 20s or 30s with platinum blonde hair. The other is a black male with a red and white striped hat and red shorts.
Management told police none of the people involved live at Canyon Pointe Apartments. Management says they are most likely squatters.
Residents are not happy that squatters are possibly responsible for a murder at their complex.
"You would think if no one was supposed to be in the unit, the management would know about that. And change the locks when they move or something. I would hate to think people could just come and go without management knowing. That's a scary proposition," said Orville Gilmore, who lives at the complex.