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Local marijuana dispensary expanding

Posted at 8:02 PM, Feb 03, 2016
Weed, weed, and more weed.
The medical marijuana industry in the valley continues to grow. 
We're not just talking plants.
From candies, to what looks like honey you'd buy at a grocery store.
All sorts of products are available.
But getting permission to do all this, requires businesses jump through a lot of paperwork hurdles. 
We visited Nevada Pure, a 70,000 square foot facility located near Boulder Highway and Desert Inn just hours after they got approval from the city of Las Vegas to expand their growing and production operations. 
Now they'll sell product made here, to smaller shops within city limits. 
They're not the only ones getting their ducks in order. 
"By the end of may we expect all of the dispensaries to be up and running and online because there's a state deadline", says Joe Brezny, a Nevada cannabis industry insider.
So why should you care? More licenses means more savings for patients. 
"This product is going to be very much like supply and demand like anything else. The more supply that is produced, it's going to drive down the price", says Kathy Gillespie, Nevada Pure CEO .
The average customer might surprise you. They are over the age of 50 and spends about 80 bucks each trip. 
It's now about 6 months since the medical pot industry in southern Nevada really started budding.
Expect to really see it really bloom these next few months.