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Olympic swimmer making hometown Las Vegas proud

Posted at 11:02 PM, Aug 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 03:10:48-04
A valley native is making waves at the Rio Olympics.
Cody Miller used to swim right here in Las Vegas. He won a bronze medal Sunday while setting a record in the process.
Miller has become a role model and inspiration to the next generation of Las Vegas swimmers.
"[He's] kind of like an inspiration for me to try hard in practice because where he is right now is where I want to be," said Paige Kuwata, a member of the Sandpipers of Nevada Swim Club.
Miller swam for the Sandpipers growing up.
"We all look up to him," said Kara Thompson, another Sandpiper.
Cutter Haupt looks up to Miller, and for 10 years, looked right alongside him too as teammates with the Sandpipers.
"You practice with him every day and you competed with him at meets and you just saw something different that no one was doing on the blocks," Haupt said of his friend.
Haupt says it was an incredible experience watching Miller set an American record in 100-meter breaststroke Sunday.
"No one was home so I was by myself and I was just yelling as loud as I could," Haupt said.
Haupt is now a coach for the Sandpipers.
Miller is giving the current crop of Sandpipers renewed determination.
"It's amazing that I can get up to that level, or have a chance to get to that level, and swim at the Olympics," said Ren Prescott, a Sandpipers swimmer.
Many know Miller as a role model. Only friends like Haupt know him as a goofball.
Haupt says Miller has a deep chest cavity that used to often become a cereal bowl.
"Throw some Froot Loops in there, splash some milk, and we just laugh as he's chowing down on these Fruity Pebbles," Haupt said.
Miller will be swimming again Saturday in the finals of the 400-meter medley. He's expected to swim as teammates with Michael Phelps.